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Designers, Developers and Entrepreneurs: Get Over $3,000 Worth Of Premium Tools for as Little as $35

Designers, developers and entrepreneurs: are you ready? StackSocial has launched a new sale today featuring over $3,000 worth of Mac software and Pro subscription memberships for as little as $35. Through this deal, you’ll be able to download xScope, a powerful tool for designers and developers that makes measuring, inspecting, and comparing on-screen elements quick and easy, and, for the first 5,000 buyers, subscribe to pro plans to growth hacking tools like Moz and Crazy Egg.

The SuperStacked Mac Bundle includes:

Learn more about the SuperStacked Mac Bundle and what’s included in this video:

If you’re interested, buy the bundle sooner rather than later, as the price rises by $1 each day until it reaches $50. After 13 days, the sale will end!

StackSocial is an online marketplace that helps people discover and buy helpful, trending and often tech-related products.