Photo Burst: Polar Bears and Winter Scenes lead the Top 10 Images of the Week

Our featured photo above was captured 600 miles from the north pole by Tim Temple. The photo is called “Ice Bears” and was taken after Tim and guide followed the polar bears for several hours before the Mom and cubs posed kindly for the picture. For more on Tim please take a look at our interview we did with him in 2015.

More impressive photos below, including: Rolando Felizola (Iceland), Phil Koch (Wisconsin), Stacy White (Grand Teton) and Jukka Heinovirta (Finland).

Gullfoss by Rolando Felizola

All Shadows Chase Swift by Phil Koch

Mt. Fuji by You.Tomi.

First Glance by Stacy White

Barn Houses on the Snowy Fields by Jukka Heinovirta

Holding Watch by Jolie Buchanan

Daily Baking Company by James Meyer

Winter Queen by Joop Bruurs

Inclement by LimebluPhotography

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By Steven Hughes

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