Photo Burst: Spain and the Top 10 Images of the Week

The Algameca,Spain

Here are some of the best photos of January 2017. The month has flown by with lightning speed, but not too fast for these talented photographers to make some incredible visual captures.

This week’s images are led by the featured image above from photographer Jose Antonio Triviño Sanchez. Algameca is located on the coast of Spain in Murcia and Jose shared with us a beautiful scene.

Top 10 Images of the Week

Including images from Gil Reis, Dario Barbani and Ruud Peters.

Stormy Weather – Thomas Kuipers

Sunset – Gil Reis

All Directions Brings You Back to the Center – Janice McGregor

There there Teddy – Phillip Haumesser

Desolate – Ruud Peters

A New Hope – Dario Barbani

Tree – Khalid Jamal Abdullah

Quai de Seine, Paris – Benjamin Ignace

Just Over the Horizon – Phil Koch

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