8 Best Music Producing Software Apps

When it comes to looking for music mixing and producing apps, it can be difficult to find one that is suitable. Usually, you just have to accept what is available and work with it, even if it isn’t quite right, and spend a lot of money to boot. Before getting software that isn’t quite right, check out these great music apps.


This was made in a way that allows users to choose the software they need for a particular task. There is also a bundle package so you can get only the tools you need. Enjoy using professional mixing tools that are easy to use, and better processing capabilities that is well above amateur levels. You can use this software through a user interface. This sells for less than $500.



This music notation software has been created by musicians, so it is sure to have everything musicians need. It makes score writing easy, and can be used by everyone from amateur musicians to teachers and more. This is easy to use, and a free trial is available.


Logic Studio

Explore your creativity with a wide array of tools and a comprehensive user interface. This software is as much about the visual as it is the audio, and you have all of the mixing tools you will ever need to make amazing music. You can fine-tune tracks quickly and easily with this software, and it is available for less than $200.



You can mix and edit music with this Linux multimedia studio. Have fun composing and creating new sounds to add to scores. All the tools you need are right here with this free download, and it is super-easy to use.
Impro-Visor – Improvise a musical score on the spot with this software. This is ideal software for jazz musicians, since it is easy to record lots of sound make an interesting track. You can even set up automatic functions. Go online to download this software for free.



This is GNU/Linux based software. Users can enjoy pattern-based drumming, and alters tracks so they will fit in with different music. For instance, you can change the drumming to go along with a live music track, speeding up and slowing down when it is needed. One of the best things about this software is that it is absolutely free to download.


Tux Guitar

If you are looking for an easy guitar program, this is it. It is easy to use, and there is a multi-track editor and player. There are many functions with this software, including note duration management, tempo management, score viewer, tablature editor, and other great features. A jack can be plugged into the computer so you can play guitar and record it via the software. This is another program that is free to download.


FL Studio
This software took 14 years to develop, and it offers most of the tools you will need for composing, arranging, mixing, editing, and more. There are many modes for various tasks, and you can do everything from composing music to getting better colleges ratings for your radio station. You can add up to 199 tracks for a play list, and you can adjust the settings with a keyboard so it is easy to use. This software is available for under $100.



This is fun to use, although a bit convoluted. There are many buttons and knobs to learn, but once you figure it all out, it is easy to mix music. This is not ideal for professionals, but perfect for those who want something that is easy to use. This is another free software download.


What’s your favorite music production app?

By Sandra Miller

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