10 Beautiful Sunrise Photos around the World

Sunrise john muir trail - sashikanth r chintla

Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending… ~ Norton Juster

There is nothing quite as magical as viewing a beautiful sunrise – especially that spectacular moment when the sun is just peeking over the horizon. Without a doubt, catching a sunrise at just the right time can truly take your breath away. The colors and light of a sunrise are truly amazing to behold and certainly worth waking up early to view.

When it comes down to it, however, most of us aren’t usually awake early enough to see the sunrise. Fortunately for us night-owls though, we have photographers who have the ability to perfectly capture the sunrise in all its splendid glory. Indeed, we are truly grateful for all the dedicated and talented photographers who are awake at those wee hours of the day and generous enough to share their beautiful sunrise photos with us on DashBurst.

Featured above is one such beautiful sunrise by one of our favorite early risers, Sashikanth R Chintla. He captured this sunrise (and many others) on the John Muir Trail in California.

Sunrise Photography:

The First Light (Dubai, UAE) – Khalid Jamal Abdullah

Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: Beautiful Sunrise on the shore of Lake Michigan (Wisconsin, USA) – Phil Koch

 Golden Sunrise On The Winter Fields (Finland) – Jukka Heinovirta

 Tuesday Sunrise (New Jersey, USA) – Steven Hughes

 The divine sunrise (Lisbon, Portugal) – Manuel Adrega

 This sunset was lit (British Columbia, Canada) – Kaila Walton

 Wake up (Italy) – Simon Helms

 Jupiter Sunrise (Florida, USA) – Stacy White

 Sunrise on John Muir Trail (California, USA) – Sashikanth R Chintla

 Boneyard Beach on Bull’s Island (South Carolina, USA) – Christine U Jones

By Jennifer Hanford

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