There’s a New Tinder-Inspired App But This One Sets You Up With a Dog

You used Tinder to find love and Jobr to find a job, so all you need next is a furry companion to make your life complete. You’re in luck because now, in true Tinder-style, you can get matched with dogs in your area with the BarkBuddy app.
BarkBuddy app screen shot

BarkBuddy lets you browse through thousands of profiles of adoptable dogs nearby and, just like Tinder, you can swipe left or right depending on if you want to be matched with the pup or not. You can also get information about the featured dogs, save dog profiles to your favorites, and share profiles with your friends. Any profiles a user likes or saves can be revisited and viewed individually, or users can view all their favorites at once on a map.

If you find a pup you want to adopt, simply click on the gray information button for more details. You’ll receive both the phone number and email for the shelter that houses your desired dog so that you can set up a meet-and-greet.

When you start looking for a potential new pet, you can adjust your search settings by indicating your preferences for size, age and activity-level. Not only does this app match you with your perfect pup, but it has the unique ability to learn about your preferences. By gathering data and statistics, BarkBuddy can determine what kinds of breeds you favor and will make recommendations based on your tastes. The app filters those preferences onto the Stats page, where you can sort through your favorite dogs by breed.
BarkBuddy settings pageBarkBuddy stats page

BarkBuddy was created by Bark & Co., a company “dedicated to building products that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere.” This is the same company behind BarkBox, a box delivered monthly to your door full of dog toys, bones and all-natural treats, hygiene products and more.

BarkBuddy smartly capitalizes on our desire to use the Internet for research and discovery and on the rising popularity of location-based apps and services, particularly those with matchmaking functions and capabilities. And best of all, BarkBuddy leverages our reliance on technology and its influence on us for a good cause, to improve the chances for homeless dogs to be adopted.

Because BarkBuddy incorporates these aspects of our present-day culture, the future seems bright for the app and these pups.

BarkBuddy is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download the app and find your pet soulmate today!

BarkBuddy for Apple

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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