Better Out Than In: Banksy Street Art Takes Over NYC, Artist Sells Thousands’ Worth for $60 in Central Park

Meat_Truck.04Have you seen the hilarious artwork of the infamous street artist Banksy yet? Banksy is an anonymous graffiti maestro from the UK currently documenting his “residency” on the streets of New York, called Better Out Than In. Each day, he uploads pictures of a new work to his Instagram account, including clues to its location.

Bansky is already famous for his stunt sneaking into the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, where he replaced many of the artifacts on display with his own creations. In a more comical bit giving back to the people, Banksy set up a stand, unannounced, in New York‘s Central Park area on Saturday, selling his original artworks for $60 a piece even though they are each worth thousands on the open market! By the end of the day he’d managed to fetch $420 from three buyers, who may have no idea how lucky they are. People often dismiss the value of art, especially when it’s offered so casually on the street. When art is esteemed by the public, however, it goes for much, much more: one of Banksy’s paintings, Keep it Spotless, has already fetched a lofty sum of $1,870,000.

His elusive aura, clever artwork and random hitting delivery have made Banksy a legend on the street and internet alike, with nearly priceless work. It’s important to note that Banksy’s identity is not publicly known, not even whether “he” is a he or a she. Each day in New York Banksy brings a clever new piece to the public, some accompanied by an audio recording viewers can listen to from their cell phones. During this stay in New York, many of Banksy’s graffiti works were tagged over within hours of their creation, making finding Banksy’s work on the streets quite the scavenger hunt.

Recently Banksy commissioned a slaughterhouse delivery truck full of stuffed animals dubbed the Sirens of the Lambs, which first toured the Meatpacking district and will be driving around the city over the next few days (as seen below). He also allegedly gave an interview to the Village Voice.

Enjoy the collection of his New York residency so far, which includes fake Plato quotes, a majestically green garden truck and a tragic fake rebel attack against Disney’s Dumbo, none other than the flying elephant!

The Street Is in Play – Manhattan, October 1

day 1 - The street is in play


New York Accent – Westside, October 2


All I Ever Wanted Was a Shoulder to Crayon – Midtown, October 3


Random Graffiti Given a Broadway Makeover (an ongoing series) – Delancey, Bushwick, Williamsburg, October 4




New York Accent – All City, October 5




Rebel Rocket Attack on Dumbo – October 6


Love – Brooklyn, October 7




Philosopher Theory – Greenpoint, October 8


Horse Race – Lower East Side, October 9



No Parking – East New York, October 10



The Sirens of the Lambs – Meatpacking District, October 11

“A slaughterhouse delivery truck touring the meatpacking district and then citywide for the next two weeks.” said Banksy



Concrete confessional – Manhattan, October 12



Spray Art – Central Park, October 13

“Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.”- Banksy said noting it was a one-time only installation.
Spray art

What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity – Queens, October 14

what we do in life echoes in eternity
What is Banksy going to do next? Find out on his website or on his Instagram account.

All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside.”
– Paul C├ęzanne

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