Are You on the Government’s List?

Remember that night you were watching Breaking Bad and just had to know the recipe for making meth? Or how you once cleverly wrote your last trip to Bombay was “the bomb?” These searches have probably won you a place on the big list, along with everyone else ever.

Recently we’ve revealed to you seven Google Search secrets and even showed you how to delete yourself from appearing in Google Search. But what about hiding all your crazy search queries?

They’re out there for good, according to this comic by AmazingSuperPowers:

Once a planet gets an internet, there’s no turning back. Suddenly, the deepest horrors of the species are pushed directly into your face. No one can get away with anything without the world hearing about it. Nations get pissed at other nations who turn off their internet. And then, inevitably, humanity’s interconnectedness evolves into a global consciousness.

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