Apple, Samsung Reportedly Resume Patent Talks


Apple and Samsung have resumed negotiations to resolve patent infringement disputes that have raged on for the past two years, according to the Korea Times.

“As far as I know, the companies recently resumed working-level discussions toward the signing of a potential deal. They are in the process of narrowing differences over royalty payments,” the Korea Times quotes an official of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (FTC). According to the official, the FTC of Korea has teamed up with anti-trust regulators in Europe and the U.S. to ensure compliance with international intellectual property laws.

Despite fighting patent battles since April 2011, Apple and Samsung have yet to shake hands and reach a patent agreement. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook and then Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung met in San Francisco for 17-hour “marathon talks,” but failed to make any progress. A Samsung source told the Korea Times, however, that Shin Jong-kyun, of Samsung’s mobile department, might fly to the U.S. for another round of top-level talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook early in 2014.

Apple seeks royalty fees of $30 for every Samsung device that violates an Apple patent, a fee that Samsung thinks is too high. Samsung, on the other hand, prefers to sign a cross-licensing deal that would provide Samsung access to all of Apple’s design-related and some of its standard-essential and commercial patents.

Recently Samsung proposed a five-year moratorium on patent injunctions in the European Union to avoid investigation into its potential patent infringements. In late summer in the U.S, Obama vetoed a product ban on Apple devices that infringed on Samsung’s patents, a blow to Samsung’s first win against the world’s most highly valued company.

Since April 2011, Apple and Samsung have been involved in over 30 different patent cases in nine different countries, according to the Korea Times.

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