What if Our Favorite Things and Animals Could Talk?

spinning record

spinning recordImagine if you could have a talk with your morning cup of coffee? Or could tell your pet how much you really love them? What do you think our favorite pets and things would have to say back to us? That’s exactly what graphic designer David Olenick has depicted in this series of humorous illustrations that shed a light on the true feelings of the animals and objects in our lives. From our sentimental records that miss us, to our adorable yet evil cats, to even our coffee mug overlords, everything isn’t always what it seems!




abominable snowman

Lochness monster






ice cream

And never forget the great advice given from the Lochness Monster, it doesn’t really matter what other people think, the important thing is that you believe in yourself!
You can also find prints for Olenick’s work on Society6 and Threadless.

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.

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