Amazon Wants to Send You Stuff Before You Even Want to Buy it With New ‘Anticipatory Shipping’ Patent

amazon anticapatory shipping patent

A new “anticapatory shipping” patent awarded to Amazon has revealed the company plans to ship you goods it predicts you’ll like before you even really like it or make the purchase online. The system created by Amazon allows it to send items that are more likely to be purchased in certain areas to those local hubs to significantly trim down delivery times. This is an effort also echoed in Amazon’s shocking delivery drone vision too.

While large vendors have tried to predict proper inventories to ship to stores for quite some time, Amazon is looking to take this a few steps further by tapping into its wealth of customer information to make preemptive decisions for selling goods to be “speculatively shipped to a physical address” without even knowing the full details of the target addressee!

Amazon Anticipatory Shipping Patent

amazon anticapatory shipping patent diagram

Does Amazon really know what you would like before you even like it? Well, by using patterns extracted from your previous searches, purchases, wish lists and where your cursor hovers longest online, it might have a pretty good idea.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be likely to get a few unwanted gifts from the e-commerce retailer’s crystal ball machine. Amazon employees and customers may both soon be in protest.

Now can you picture Amazon delivery drones showing up at your doorstep with these potentially spam order surprises too?

via TechCrunch

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