Clean Up Your Facebook and Twitter Feeds with AJAX Social Wipes

ajax social wipesAre you looking to clean up your act on social media? Do you feel like your profiles are now cluttered with every like, notification and spam message you’ve ever gotten since the beginning of time? Do you even use most of those apps anymore or remember liking half of those brands?

Have no fear, the AJAX Social Wipes app offers to clean up your digital life by removing unwanted Twitter and Facebook spam.

According to the AJAX website:

Loving a brand doesn’t mean you love it forever popping up in your newsfeed. Ajax Social Wipes allow you to spring clean your newsfeed of all the brands that have built up over time… A cleaner social life awaits.

Ajax Social Wipes

AJAX Social Wipes

After you login using your Facebook or Twitter account, you can single-handedly clean brands and other likes from your feed and even watch a hand come out and literally wipe it away from the grid view. In fact the process feels so cleansing and addictive, you may find yourself with a blank feed and peace of mind in the morning.

social wipe directions

Ajax Social Wipes

Are you getting tired of seeing all those promotional posts from the brands you follow on social media too?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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