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14 Gravity-Defying Street Murals that Merge Architecture with Nature

Do you think you’ll ever see any flying cars in the future? Well if you happened to visit the city of Tehran, you would actually see some today. See these cars aren’t actually flying, but rather part of a playful exhibit by artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo looking to brighten up the city. These incredible Jetsons-like murals are plastered on buildings, as 3D illusions, including everything from gravity-defying bicycles to imaginary archways into the sky.

Ghadyanloo is able to creatively merge his artwork with the surrounding urban and natural environments, almost bending space and time, making it hard to tell whether or not you really haven’t traveled somewhere into the future!

You can see more of Ghadyanloo’s 3D artwork on his Blue Sky Painters company’s Facebook page.

via Beautiful Life