The Art of Illustration [VIDEO]

Illustrators find creative ways to articulate what a photograph cannot. Through the years artists have used various mediums to create illustrations like pen and ink, water color, wash, oil paint, acrylic, 3D, and collages, there are really no limits to what type of materials can be used. Traditionally the major markets for illustration and graphic design included books, magazines and newspapers. In the old days, if you saw a portrait or some type of war footage picture, this was the work of an illustrator. However, after the invention of cameras and photography, this freed up artists to open their minds to new creative ways to conceptualize art outside of copying still imagery. As illustrations became less informative through the years and more expressive, the individual voice of the artists have become all the more prevalent and awe inspiring. Today, illustration has opened up to a wide variety of new mediums including comic books, popular film and even activist media. Has comic art and illustration finally been accepted as real hardcore art? Well time will tell, but one can only be excited about the coming age of illustration art depicted in this PBS Off Book feature!

Illustrators to a great degree are interested in interpretation, they are interested in a creative sensibility filtered through imagery.” – Steven Guarnaccia

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