Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Infographic Services

DashBurst is a creative digital media agency that believes in the power of visualization to effectively communicate your message and amplify your audience reach and engagement. We have services offered in website development, graphics, mobile apps, SEO, testing, marketing, presentations, infographic design, IT consulting and social media strategy.

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  • Web Design

    Website DesignDashBurst builds custom websites optimized for search engines and sharing on social media. Our sites are handcrafted using the latest web standards in HTML5 and CSS powered by WordPress content management systems. We also design graphics, mobile apps and browser extensions.

  • Social Media

    Social Media and PRSocial media strategy is at the heart of every decision we make at DashBurst. Whether you’re a startup or established brand you have the power to reach audiences unlike ever before. We provide you with real-time marketing research, tips, video tutorials, content strategy and identify key influencers and essential applications to help guide you to prominence on every social network.

  • Infographic Design

    Infographic DesignInfographics represent a culture shift towards creating compact and visually stunning representations of information and data that can be quickly consumed by large audiences. We look to transform your data into a creative visual story that will amplify the reach and impact of your content. We also aid in the distribution of the infographics we create through our extensive social media network of over 150,000 subscribers.

  • Presentation Design

    Presentation DesignDashBurst specializes in the art of bold presentations that captivate people through stunning visuals and transitional stories. We combines crisp graphics, charts, stand out typography and brilliant color themes to engage any audience. If you’re interested in creating a presentation or chart graphic, please contact us.

  • SEO

    Search Engine OptimizationWe provide a complete technical review of your site design and content delivery methods, conduct advanced keyword research for your market and then advise on an optimum strategy. Our link building campaigns will help drive more high quality and organic traffic to your site making you an authority in your topic(s).

  • Pay Per Click

    Marketing and AdvertisingOur team of creative designers and marketers can help you build viral marketing campaigns with stunning graphics. We also assist in managing or planning pay per click advertising, Google Adsense, email campaigns, content production, search engine marketing, social media strategy and PR.

  • Business Consulting

    Business ConsultingOur firm provides general counsel for online businesses for website SEO, social media marketing and business strategy. We love to work with startups and help launch brands with fresh new content and innovating marketing campaigns.

  • Startup Accelerator

    startup acceleratorYou have a great product or website and need to build a target audience and user base. Or maybe you just have an idea and want to start something from scratch. Regardless of your budget or expertise we have the vision and experience to take you through the entire website life cycle from conceptual design, coding, graphics, content production, hosting, SEO, website maintenance through social media marketing and PR.

  • Inbound Marketing Report

    reportsDashBurst offers a free inbound marketing report to assess your online business presence. Learn more about the effectiveness of your website, social media campaign and content strategy, along with valuable competitor insight to make better decisions in your marketing efforts.

  • Website and Software Testing

    Website and Software TestingWe have an experienced team of quality assurance engineers and testers to review your website or software product. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes to find the problem. Regardless of scale, automation, testing methodology, or platform, contact us for assistance.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic DesignWe are a cutting edge design firm that creates custom graphics to fit your project needs for websites and logos, advertisements, illustrations and character design, infographics, Facebook timeline covers and branded Twitter backgrounds.

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