9 Electrifying Landscape Photographs at Night

Photography allows us to explore some of the most beautiful places on Earth we may have never seen otherwise. The Katalyst looks to capture electrifying landscapes through long exposure photographs. These landscapes include waterfalls, strange rock formations and the Milky Way. Photography and hiking are a passion for the US-based Katalyst, who travels the world in search of the most interesting places to photograph, like the Tuscan hills of Italy or Palouse Falls in Washington State. The Katalyst does hours of research on a particular location to carefully choose the finest vantage points before setting up the shot! The Katalyst finally shoots when “the light conditions are interesting, when magic seems to happen.”

Under The Tuscan Sun

Under The Tuscan Sun by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

On the first day

On the first day by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Palouse Starlight

Palouse Starlight by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Salty air

Salty air by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Geyser Starlight

Geyser Starlight by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Vampire Night

Vampire Night by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Entering the Underworld

Entering the Underworld by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on


Watchers by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on

Storm Brewing in the Painted Hills of Oregon

God is painting by The Katalyst (thekatalyst)) on
Source: The Katalyst on 500px
“Our images are an outward depiction of our inner being.
They reveal who we really are and our life philosophy at the time they were produced.” – Weldon Lee

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