8 Funny SEO Jokes

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Who says SEO isn’t fun?… Well a few people I suppose…. But what do they know!SEO JOKES

Here is a collection of the best SEO jokes out there! There are many more to be found if you start looking so you have been warned!

How does @Google decide who to hit hardest with Penguin updates?….. Flipper Coin!
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What do the Pandas like to eat? [Bamboo] [Bamboo Shoots] [Bamboo Leaves] [Bamboo Stems]
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A trampoline site got in touch …Yet another client that has a high bounce rate.
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Billboards4U sent some good feedback…Since starting SEO they’ve seen some real signs of improvement!
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What’s a pirates favourite part of SEO? WebinARGHHHHHHHSS
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If you liked these (or if you are a glutton for punishment) you can find lots more SEO jokes here
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Spook SEO
Shut it yar.. lol . . hahahahahaha.. I really really relates to this post especially the first piece. My client from Europe told me that he want to rank his 9 keywords in 1 week doing it myself alone? . lol.
Chris Bawden
Did you hear Nintendo go hit hard by Penguin? Turns out they've been selling Links for years.
I love page 1
the gui praying Google is really representing us !!
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